Teamspirit and team experience

„Battery recharging“ before the season or rewarding achievements

The feeling of appreciation is very important for every single employee. That’s why can a public reward give the employee a feeling of satisfaction and motivate him to good future performance. When rewarding someone, it is important to consider the aspect of justice. The employee has to feel that the amount of reward corresponds with the quality of his performance for which there are strictly set criteria.

I am new... or tuning the team

Coming to a new environment carries a certain degree of stress. The intention of every new team member is to fit in as fast as possible. The company, on the other hand, expects that the employee will give a high performance very fast. The whole process of tuning with the team is difficult and it goes much faster and with better results when it’s under control of a professional.

Ending US-THEM

Fusing existing companies is quite a difficult process. The longest is usually the process of accepting new, changed, mutual identity. Leaving the „us“ and „them“ identity and accepting the new „we“ identity. This training is especially intended to make the process of accepting new identity faster.