About us

  • Something about us from founders of  Recruitmen and Developium group:

-  Why did you choose to start a training and consulting company?

"When I went to study psychology I was idealistic about helping people and doing something meaningful. However, I realised that clinical psychology, which we had a lot of, was not the right thing for me and I rather wanted to work in the area of work psychology. People around me thought that pragmatism and mammon won. Yet the practice showed that working in consulting and development company I can join original purpose of helping people with positive aim of development of skill. Doing development with those, who don´t have to, but want. And so the Developium was created as our “addiction to development.”

 What is the vision of your company?

"As every commercial environment also sphere of educational and consulting business is full of competition. We have a professional and human approach also in our slogan: Results thanks to people. We bring results, for what we are paid for by our clients and at the same time we want to be a company of “the first choice” thanks to our consultants, where everyone is a “brand” himself.

-  How do you work to achieve your vision, what´s unique about you?

"We want to be followed and not those that follow. In practice that means we need to be constantly perceptive to our clients business needs and bring them solutions. Our second duty is to constantly work on ourselves and follow the trends in the area of human development and bring new approaches or methodologies to whole Slovak or CEE market. The example is Lego Serious Play or The Orange frog and I believe there will be more new tools soon.  

 -  What do you consider the biggest challenge in the area of HR and development nowadays?

"The challenge will always be creating a partnership between  the requester (the sponsor of training program), the participants, so that the training is not forced on them (because results are thanks to people) and us as a supplier. Only an open and transparent communication; positive leading towards  development  respecting a person with his/her needs with honest effort to find a solution can resist the economical waves, when there is more or less money for education. Because development is not a necessity, but a must. Because the role of HR is to create an environment where employees know and feel that what they do and what they think matters and then they commit and engage not only  in achieving results but also in company´s development and that is possible only thanks to people." (Roman Kurnický, general director, trainer, consultant coach)