360 ° Look-around

Look around. Get a complex group view of your employees‘ skills from those, who work with them the most: a direct superior, colleagues or coworkers, subordinates and if necessary, the internal and external customers. A common view on the key competencies or a particular behaviour will provide you with clear understanding of strengths and needs for development of the evaluated person. A better perception is necessary for understanding the behaviour of your employees and it’s a promise of positive personal reward. The company can gain a high motivation of evaluated employees for a change in their performance or behaviour. The employees tend to take the evaluation from their coworkers as more objective compared to only evaluation from their superior. A high acceptance of outputs from colleagues helps faster change in behaviour/performance as well as a faster increase of performance of the whole organization. At the same time, the employees/customers, who are able to say something about their colleague’s work feel bigger responsibility about the events in organization. They are able to influence what is happening in the organization as well as feel an impact on the organizational culture.

In the process of making 360º evaluation based on competencies is most important the part of deciding about selection of competencies, which will be measured, and how they are going to be measured. 360º evaluation is however only a part of the whole process of getting maximum from the data received by the participant. A closer look of implementation of this method and its particular and necessary steps describes a picture below.