S.C.O.P.E. principles of Developium projects

When preparing and implementing our development projects we use the following principles:

  • Strategic connection – a tight connection of development program with strategic aims of the company. We see the HR department as a strategic partner for business development, no matter what segment the client belongs to.
  • Complete targeting – ensuring that all the implemented activities are precisely focused and that they guarantee the highest possible success while making an effective investment in providing HR services and development activities to employees (Respecting Parrett’s principle 80:20).
  • Ongoing personal responsibility – achieving that all the participants take personal responsibility for the development of their company, employees and above all themselves.
  • Precise added value – cooperation, guidance and consulting with added services – from briefing through delivery of the services, tools or systems up to a successful implementation and usage.
  • Efficiency (longterm effect) – ensuring the sustainability and longterm application of learned skills and tolls within everyday work of the employees, even after our company’s assistance comes to an end.