The LSP basic process and working steps

  • POSING A QUESTION: The participants are presented a task that has no clear or correct solution. The task frame is clear and comprehensible to all participants, which means that everyone has a space to get involved. The questions are specific and related to one of business problems, such as creating a new business or marketing strategy, conflict-solving in a team, change management, change of processes within an organisation, seeking new solutions to specific stimuli, etc.
  • BUILDING: The participants find meaning in what they know and what they can imagine in building their own LEGO models and creating a story behind the meaning of the model. In this way, the participants put together pieces of new knowledge in their minds.
  • SHARING: The “model” stories are shared among all participants.
  • REFLECTING: As a means of internalising and consolidating the new knowledge and the shared pieces of information, the participants are encouraged to reflect on what they have seen and heard about the models.
  • SPECIFIC OUTPUTS: In the course of working with the LPS, all suggestions, pieces of knowledge and verified hypotheses are being recorded and monitored by the group facilitator. Based on the specific outputs, individual group members and the group as a whole undertake to meet the objectives they themselves have set and created.