Competency models development

Competencies attract more and more attention, because their level is directly connected to the fulfillment of organizational strategy. Companies identify competency models to describe specific competencies, which are in the particular areal of business the most needed and influence an individual performance. A competency model answers the question of which competencies and in what they collaborate in a successful performance in a particular position. A description of a job position is more about responsibilities or about what is the employee supposed to do in his position, whereas the competency model shows the way in which the work is supposed to be done.

Developing a competency model is one of the key steps in evaluation and development of skills of individual employees. The competency model not only provides an immediate measurement of how effective the people in a particular position are, but also a longterm direction for all development effort and dynamically mirrors the strategic direction of the company as well as the changing requirements. The competency model with job positions description ensure homogeneous criteria for evaluating the skills of individual employees and at the same time, they are reliable and objective part of a tool for their evaluation.

To define competencies, we use two techniques:

  • In-depth interview with the employees in a position close to the described position (superior, colleague from the same department or another department and a representative of the position) according to the client’s specification
  • Required Level of Competencies questionnaire, filled out by the same employees